Reflections on Independence

On July 4th, people celebrate a national holiday. But how many people in the United States understand what the holiday is all about? I’m sure many do, perhaps even the majority. But I know there are those that have no clue as to what the meaning or the sacredness of the day means.

From conversations I’ve had online, with liberals, it seems that they believe that the Revolution against Britain started and ended in one day. When asked about Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, they respond that they’ve never heard of it, much less read it.

Our Founding Fathers were oppressed by a tyrannical King, George III, and by a Parliament that they did not have representation in. Tax after tax was imposed upon the colonists. The governors of the colonies were not elected, they were appointed by the King. The colonists were allowed to vote for City and Colony Councils. These councils passed bills which were presented to the governor for his signature to make them laws. Many bills were not signed. Samuel Adams tried to get slavery outlawed in Massachusetts but the governor of that colony would not approve the legislation. Then, the fighting began, and Samuel had to give up his crusade for the blacks to be free.

Samuel and others had written extensively over the years to inform the populace of the immorality of the oppression that the King imposed on the colonists. But Independence wasn’t mentioned in depth until the year 1776; approximately a year after the fighting had begun. With the publication of Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and the writings of Samuel Adams, people began to see that reconciliation with Britain was impossible and that independence from England was the only path to follow.

What the people of Revolutionary America wanted was freedom. Freedom to pursue their own lives without the oppression of Parliament and the King, the lack of representation in that Parliament and taxes that a country over 3,000 miles away imposed on them. It took months to communicate with the island nation and most of the time a missive from the King would require more information from the colonies. Some decisions took years to decide due to the fact that it took approximately 3 to 4 months for a ship to go from the American Colonies to Great Britain.

Upon deciding that Independence was the only way to relieve the colonies of the burdens thrust upon them by England’s rulers, Thomas Jefferson was asked to write the Declaration of Independence. Thomas consented, and with the help of Samuel’s writings, he wrote one of the most concise, intelligent and specific documents the world has ever seen.

That document declared the Rights of the People under God’s Law and under Natural Law: the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Today, we live under the illusion of having freedom. We don’t. From our toilet’s water level to approved light bulbs, from nutritional information being on the packaging of our foods to a First Lady telling us we can’t have bake sales in our schools, we are ruled. We are no longer citizens; we are once more subjects, but this time, it is of a tyrannical Federal Government.

What are we going to do about it? Perhaps we’re in the minority of people in the United States of America. I read peoples’ blogs and I see Populism from many middle of the road writers who think they are expressing a conservative opinion. People see one thing as oppressive, but they don’t take the next step in critical thinking to see another person’s action as something that should not be legislated against.

We have thought crimes now. Marxism has crept into our government since the middle 1800’s through Unions as well as philosophically within our colleges and Universities. Philosophy that is taught on the higher levels of education filters down to the rest of society and people have adopted the thinking (or non-thinking) of collectivism.

On this Independence Day, of 2011 we must make a commitment to take our country back, to release the bonds of slavery from our lives and the lives of our neighbors.

We must do that first by using one of the four boxes we have to combat tyranny: the soap box, which can be used to educate our neighbors and family and  which this space in the Blue Nowhere is set up to do, the ballot box, where we can cast our votes for those candidates that come closest to our own beliefs, the jury box, where we can use jury nullification to make a statement that we think the law is immoral, or not necessary, or unconstitutional.

The final box is the most serious box we have. I pray we never have to use it again. It is the ammo box.


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The Price of Freedom Part 1

“May you live in interesting times.”

The following 4 pieces were written in 2001, before the attack on our precious soil by the fanatic terrorists of the “Peaceful” Islamic religion. They were also produced before the Patriot Act was passed by the Congresscritters.

Written on June 22, 2001


Lately, I’ve stopped reading current events or watching TV news, or listening to radio news. There is a reason for this, but not the subject of this essay, perhaps another. I get my “fix” of what’s being reported in the so-called “news” in chat rooms.

Silly place, I know, but there are chatters whose reports I know from past experience to be truthful as to what is REALLY being perpetrated against freedom loving citizens.

About 1 3/4 years ago, I was reading that the FDA had determined that raw eggs were bad for humans. I knew then that there would be attacks on the way we eat. (This revelation about eggs came about a year after the “Fat Tax” was being talked about, another controlling effort on the part of statists to rule our lives.)

Horrors upon horrors, we’ve survived how many thousands of years eating raw eggs, and now, the Food Nannies know better than “Mother Nature” that we can’t possibly survive without them putting their nose in our eating habits.

The other night, a chatter I highly respect from Chicago, reported that the FDA was starting to demand restaurants NOT serve eggs Sunny Side Up, or Poached, or Over Easy.

Now, this won’t affect me, as I can’t look a runny egg in the face, but how many of you PREFER your eggs prepared in any of those manners? Well, if you do, forget getting it in your favorite breakfast niche. OH, and Hollandaise Sauce? Forget that too, no more Eggs Benedict or Broccoli smothered in it, or any other exquisite menu item using Hollandaise will be allowed in fine dining establishments.

Oh, we can have that at home, you say, as you allow the government to incrementally control your life, totally. Remember when you had big water tanks on your toilet bowls? I do. Now, there are times I have to flush two, three times to get rid of what’s in the bowl, and I’m using more water than I would have with the one big tank. A solution to this? Put a brick in your tank. And you know what? If you have one of those bigger tanks, you are technically a criminal.       And the restaurant that would buck against the government, and continue to serve it’s patrons what they desire, i.e., an over easy egg, is a criminal now too.

How long will we sit and wait, letting this kind of thing go by? Oh, it’s just a little thing. How many little things do you need to have taken away before you revolt?

At this point, I don’t know what a solution is. There are so many violations of the Constitution that picking a place to start is overwhelming.

And if a group of us picks one place to start hacking away at statism, the powers that be will just turn around and start shredding the Constitution in another place. It’s endless, frustrating, and futile, in my opinion.

Again, I have no solutions. Another Law only erodes the solutions we get through the Congress next year with different language achieving the same results.

Perhaps this attack on eggs is a result of the bombarding of Clinton in Europe by a protester. Silly, you say? Well, my answer to that is, “Why not? The Statists will use any excuse to take another piece of your life.”

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The Price of Freedom Part 2

Written on July 4th, 2001



When this country was founded, our Framers had Individual Freedom in mind, along with the States to have, pretty much, autonomous control over their affairs. At the time, this was new, innovative, radical, refreshing to the rest of the “civilized” world.

So much for that concept. The French, in looking at The United States of America, revised what actual Freedom is, and turned it into a group-based ideology.

On July 4th, we are supposed to take the time to reflect on what this country is about, what it stands for. These days, all I can see that the Federal Government stands for is taking our rights, redistributing wealth, and forcing the States to adhere to unconstitutional mandates, some of which are made by Alphabet Soup Agencies Memos, plenty of which are conflicting in their directives.

I have always had a prideful lump in my throat come up when I’ve viewed an American Flag, or listened to the Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful. Still do, but now, it’s for a different reason, I’m sad.

Since Clinton has been in office, I have flown my flag upside down, the signal for distress. Our country has been chipped away at since the Whiskey Rebellion, by none other than George Washington, the “Father” of our Country. Snort.

See, it’s not me who is in distress, but my beloved country. With all the Special Interest Groups hammering away at the Bill of Rights, I wonder how long it will be before the trains line up, and those of us who don’t “get with the program” will be ushered aboard to go to “retraining camps.”

I am watching the Patients Bill of Rights make it’s way into our set of laws, and even though we KNOW it’s designed to usher in Universal Health Care, a pretty euphemism for socialized medicine, we are helpless to do anything to stop it. How many of you contacted your Senators or US House Representatives to protest this Bill? How many of you felt it was futile?

And what’s next? What looms on our horizon to take more and more of our Freedoms, and Rights? Gun Control? Censorship? More confiscation of property? More infringements on Searches thru Reno’s wonderful tactic of warrantless searches? And how many Bills are in committees, or on the Floor of either House to chip away more and more at these protected Rights?

I’m too tired these days to look anymore, tired of the endless fight, even on a grassroots level. I do know I will get over this exhaustion; I’ve had this condition before, and come back to life. But for now, I just sit and ponder how many of us will keep accepting the incrementalization of the take over of our Beloved Land by communism?

On this July 4th, 2001, I look at my country, and I weep for her soul, for her people, for her future.

No, no Barbecue for me, no celebration with fireworks displays, just a tear in my eye for the vision of the Founders, and what we have become, and what I see in store for us.

May Atlas Shrug, and SOON!!

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The Price of Freedom Part 3

Written on July 9, 2001


I said in a previous article that I didn’t read the news anymore, and said perhaps there would be a forthcoming article about this matter. Well, here it is.

What is the NEWS? It’s supposed to be an objective look at what is happening in the world, be it a story about crimes that have happened, or about what is going on in the two Houses of Congress in the Swamp of DC.

Now, I know that the news covers more than this, economics, local happenings, etc., but for the sake of this article, let’s just look at these two issues, because they are the main reason I don’t read, watch or listen to the news unless it’s an accident.

Crime…. well, sure we have crime going on, always have, always will, but what about THWARTED CRIME? There are few reports of this, and I surmise it’s primarily because when a citizen aborts a crime, it’s usually because they are carrying a firearm to protect themselves.         And we can’t let this fact get out, otherwise, the people the Establishment Press keeps panicked with fear of crime would go right out and arm themselves, especially women, and old folks.

As long as the people are scared, and kept scared, it’ll be a whole lot easier to take our God Given Right to Bear Arms, and if you have a problem with God, fine, our Right to Bear Arms due to the fact we are born human.

When a Government can disarm its citizenry, the citizens become subjects, with no recourse to take back their Rights. Now don’t think the powers that be don’t understand it, they may be dumb, but they are NOT stupid. For socialism to succeed in this country, and eventually communism, we have to be disarmed.

For the 2nd part of my premise, what’s going on in Congress in the Swamp of DC, well, those are crimes too. Just go to pick a House, then, pick an elected representative, then pick one of his/her bills. What you will find are crimes against the Constitution, written by those sworn to uphold that precious document.

The only House Representative you will hit that doesn’t have a bill proposed that is anti-constitutional will be Ron Paul. Check him out too, see what bills he’s proposed, year after year, that are totally ignored and never make it out of committee to the floor to be voted on. And even if they did, they would not be passed.

If the so called reporters in the “mainstream press” were to tell you what the Swamp dwellers of DC are doing, as well as point out the guidelines of the Constitution, people would be revolting in the streets right now.

To be sure, the Constitution is NOT a malleable document, but one that is to be used as a guideline when adding amendments in order to fill the requirements of a Republic that the Founders set down for us, as well as hold the Federal Government in check. Who ever heard of a GOVERNING DOCUMENT being changed radically from the precepts of it’s writers, and supporters? Only the Federalists/Statists who also claim that socialism was one of the intents of the Founders….snort!

“So,” you say, “there are good sites on the web to find out what’s going on! There are good reporters on “our” side.” You read them, they are just as biased as the collectivists of the liberal press, but biased toward the maintenance of the two party system by playing the numbers game, (and there is really only one party) biased toward the maintenance of the levels of government we have by saying “you can’t undo what took 50 years to do,” (sure you can, you cut a cancer out if it’s killing you, don’t you????

Agreed not all the Alphabet Soup Agencies can be dismantled immediately, but seems to me, a couple years would do.), biased toward enforcing the myth that we have a conservative in the White House when what we have is someone giving y’all cookies with one hand (tax cut) and poison in the other (increasing the budget of the Department of Education).

So I spend my time reading Philosophical Politics, John Stuart Mills, Bastiat, Bovard, others whose names I’m sure you know. I read magazines like Ideas on Liberty, published by FEE, The Foundation for Economic Freedom, which can be ordered at, and well worth the price of a subscription for a year.

I listen to talk radio, mainly Neal Boortz, a no nonsense Libertarian who doesn’t care who he offends. You can get find him at TV? Nope, though I do miss Fox, (which I find wanting) CSPAN, (which I find liberal in it’s commentary), and Sci Fi Network, which I find fun, even though it promotes a socialistic world in most of the programs.

Oh sure, you keep reading that news, and keep thinking you’re informed. But if you would take the time to read just one Bovard book, Freedom in Chains, or Lost Rights, you would learn more about what this country REALLY was founded on, and be more informed than reading the gruel you are swallowing now. (And no, I don’t totally agree with Bovard, he sees no One World Government threat from the UN. A naive view, in my humble opinion.)

Sure, there are a few good sites on the web, very few, though I do suggest you start at follow the breadcrumbs. Perhaps you too can find a loaf of bread to sustain your demand for reality in news, but be prepared to be offended when the GOP is put in the same light as the DNC.

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The Price of Freedom Part 4

Written on July 12, 2001


Our children will never know the smell of burning leaves.

Our children will never know what it’s like to have a ride on a bike with the wind in their hair.

Our children will never know what it’s like to sit in the front seat of the car with Dad, to go to that special Hot Dog Stand with ONLY HIM, since kids are now mandated to the back seat.

Our kids will never know continued innocence since we teach them about sexual preferences before they even reach puberty.

Our kids will never know what it is to love someone, and ache for them physically until the wedding night cause we provide them condoms since “they are going to do it anyway”.

Our kids will never know the joys of swimming naked in the ocean, since we have to worry about people turning us in for sexual abuse if our kids are naked in public.

Our kids will never know what it’s like to flush a toilet and play Niagara Falls since we have such small tanks now.

Our kids will never know what it’s like to build a tree house, since the neighbors might complain we are endangering our kids by letting them climb trees.

Our kids will never know what it’s like to go to the local swimming hole, since it’s now considered the habitat of an endangered fish, and swimming in it is destroying THEIR environment.

And why did we let this happen to our children?
For one reason, safety.
To paraphrase Ben Franklin, he who would give up essential liberty for temporary security, shall have neither.

So, what has changed in the last decade? Not a whole lot!

Many more laws have been shoved down our throats, as per Ms. Pelosi.

Wars have been started and not ended.

There is an open Marxist in the White House, and he has apologized for the actions of the Greatest Country ever to appear on the face of God’s Green Earth. He has thrown Israel, our best friend in the Middle East under the bus while he bows to Muslim princes and kisses their ass, oh, I mean, their rings.

New wars, not approved by Congress, have been started.

Little by little, our Rights, Freedoms and Property are being taken from us.

Right now, Congress is trying to decide whether or not to raise the Debt Ceiling, even though we have deficit spending that our Great Grandchildren will be paying.

The Press is worse than ever, carrying the water of the Marxist in the White House. They do not report on the worsening economy, or anything else of importance. Right now, they are focused like a laser on a Congresscritter’s penis which is being passed electronically around the world.

Do you think the Tea Party is going to be able to disassemble one agency of the Federal Government, much less the conglomeration of agencies we have?

I pray for my country every day, every night, I beg God to give me the Country I grew up in, at the very least. And I pray for our children, who continue to be indoctrinated in Marxism with the blessings of those who run our public schools.

I know, it’s a lot of work to ask God to help me with, but I know He is the only way we’re going to get out of this mess.

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This past spring we witnessed the flames of revolution across the face of the Arab nations. Old leaders were thrown out and new leaders are taking over. But who are these new leaders and what is their intent? Some believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical group, will be organizing and winning elections in those countries where elections will be allowed. But what is the Muslim Brotherhood? And what is its aim for the Middle East? Were the Revolutions about freedom?

We have heard reports from Egypt that women who participated in the protests have been tested for virginity. We have heard that there have been murders of Christians in Egypt. We have listened to, and read about an American female reporter who was molested, virtually hand raped by Egyptian men in the crowds because the men thought she was Jewish.

These actions are not about freedom, they are about abuse and tyranny.

Our so-called leaders in Washington have decided to contribute to the 40 billion dollars pledged to these Arab nations at the G-8 Summit in France. We cannot afford this, or any other expenditure that is not directly for the American People.

We, the people, will be paying for this and many other “necessary” programs that have been set up (Harry Reid included the Cowboy Poetry Convention in this genre) by Congresses and Presidents in the past as well as during this administration. Our children, grand children and, reaching into the future to our great grand children, will be paying in taxes for all of the frivolous expenditures that they have forced on the American People.

The American Revolution is said to have been based on a Tax Revolt, but it entailed more than just the taxes being imposed on the Colonists. But let’s leave the cause at the taxes for now.

Americans banded together to declare Independence from Britain and upon that action, they created the Articles of Confederation which were used to govern the colonies until the writing of the Constitution was enjoined due to the inadequacies of the Articles. The Bill of Rights is prominent in our Constitution. The United States of America is the first totally free country in the history of the world. You can reach back into the past, but you’ll not find a country that has the rights of the people spelled out more clearly and concisely than in our Constitution.

One of our most precious rights is the Right to Assembly, covered by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. American people started to wake up and began to assemble in protest against the spending being done by Congress in 2009. We are organized into Tea Parties which are a grass roots movement to tell Washington D.C. that we’re tired of their flippant spending and shoving down our throats legislation that we don’t want.

The Tea Parties are a new Revolution in this country, one that is peaceful and powerful at the ballot box. We must continue to send the message to the Congress-Critters in the Swamp of Washington D.C. that we’re tired of over taxation, over spending and having unconstitutional legislation thrown at us.

The question we must now ask is, are they listening to us?

And if they are not listening, what is our next move?


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